Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bathroom Wall Art

I post a lot of pictures of Holly on facebook. I like to share what is going in my family with my extended family and friends. Hubby's cousin was commenting to me the other day on how cute Holly's pictures were. You know, the ones of her getting into mischief. She said that she really liked the one of Holly unrolling the toilet paper. Who doesn't find it hilarious that a toddler unrolls all the toilet paper! That's why I took the pictures, to remind myself that at one time, I thought it was cute and funny! Hubby's cousin also told me that she has a collage frame in her bathroom filled with pictures of her kids in the bath when they were little. I thought that it was such a great idea that I decided to add some wall art to my bathroom!

First, I bought a frame at Hobby Lobby. I got this one on sale and I got it discounted even more because of some scratches. I knew I wanted to paint it anyway to match so the scratches were not a big deal to me.

See the scratches?

Then, I painted the fame to match my bathroom. I like the red as a contrast to the blue and tan. There are some red stripes in my shower curtain to pull it together.

Next, I filled it with pictures after it dried and hung it on the wall!

Now everyone who uses our bathroom has some entertaining pictures to look at!


  1. Cute :)I have a picture of Landon at Dolliver right after our wedding peeing by a tree in his tux. I hung it above our toilet