Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hair Bow Hanger

As you know we have moved and my daughter finally has her own room. I have had a lot of fun decorating it so far! This morning I used materials I had laying around plus some wood flowers my mom got at a garage sale to make this (almost free!) hair bow hanger. My little girl has lots of pretty bows and flowers for her hair and so far they have been stored in baskets and drawers. I have seen many different hangers for bows so I thought I'd get creative and make my own!

First, I took three wood flowers and lined them up so that I could hot glue a leftover piece of dowel to them.

Then I cut 2 foot sections of ribbon and hot glued them to the back of the flowers and dowel. I used 5 ribbons and used two different designs for variety.

You can see that I wrapped my purple ribbon around the dowel a little so that it wouldn't show from the front.

Then I added a thin ribbon so that I could hang it. I hot glued it on the ends so that it wouldn't come off.

I also hot glued some buttons at the bottom to help keep the ribbons from fraying. Plus I really like the look of buttons right now!

Finished! It only took me about 20 minutes.

Some of my bows didn't have nice clips already on the back. They had those little clear rubber bands so I used tiny craft clothespins that I had lying around to hang them.

I think it looks great! I still have four wood flowers to use. I have a few ideas already!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Letters

I love the look of wooden letters in a nursery or kid's room. I think it is adorable! I have been wanting to decorate my daughter's room with wooden letters for quite some time now. In our new house, she has her own room. I finally got my chance to use my 50% off wooden letters I bought at Hobby Lobby 6 months ago!
I have had the room in mind for quite a while. I knew I wanted purple and white for a color scheme. The letters came in white which was perfect for me since I wanted them to be white. I bought some ribbon and buttons on sale to go along with them and put all these materials away for the day when she would have her own room. (I spent quite a while trying to find these items this morning. In the move I lost track of things.)
After playing around for a while this morning with the ribbons and buttons, this is what I came up with.

First, I cut my ribbon. Each letter needed three pieces. I used an 18-19 inch piece and two 9 inch pieces.
*For the letter L, I cut the two shorter ribbons two different lengths. One was about 8 inches and one was about 11 inches. This way it made up for the distance to the bottom line of the L. You'll see what I mean in the finished picture below.

Next, I used the long ribbon to make a bow. I folded over each end and hot glued it down like this:

Then I hot glued a super cute button in the middle like this:

Next, I took the two short ribbons and folded it over twice on each end and secured with hot glue.

I attached each short ribbon to my letter by stapling the fold to the back of the letter. I added the fold to help support the ribbon and keep it from tearing away from the letter.

Last, I turned the letter back over and hot glued the bow at the top where the small ribbons meet.

To hang them on the wall I hammered a nail through one of the button holes.

Looks pretty good, huh? As you can see, I used two different kinds of ribbon for some variety. I am pretty proud of how well they turned out. And I think the white looks great against the purple!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best Gift Ever!

My wonderful sister in law dropped off the BEST housewarming gift! If I could have chosen one thing that I wanted for my new kitchen, this would have been it. I have always wanted a mixer like this but never had enough space to store it. Now I have plenty of space! And now that school is out, I have plenty of time to use it, too!

Linking up to Modern Country Style's Kitchen Favorites!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Before and After: The Bathroom

Now that we're all moved in I think I need to celebrate by posting some before and after pictures of the house. I am truly amazed at the difference paint alone made, in addition to new flooring. I am also pretty proud of the hubby for completing most of the improvements on his own!

Let's start with the main bathroom. Here are some before pictures:

As you can see, there was a lot of work to be done! We tore out the carpet and the tile. We tore down the wallpaper and the matching drapes. Yes, I said matching! We installed new drywall and a new tub surround with a shower. We also installed a new floor, a new sink, and a new toilet. I gave the walls some new paint and I cleaned the wood cabinets. I think it looks like a completely different bathroom!

And now for the after pictures:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Bye........

to my Cedar Creek. While it has been great having you in my back yard, it is time I move on.

We are in the new house. It is so nice! While I am going to miss my little Cedar Creek, I have a new view on things now. We are looking forward to a new life in our new house!